Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc., is devoted to specialized health care consulting. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Payment Systems – Reimbursement Consulting
  • Delivery Systems – Organization Of Healthcare Delivery
  • Compliance – Developing Compliance Programs – Emphasis In The Coding, Billing and Reimbursement Areas

For over twenty-one years Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc. has provided superior healthcare consulting services to hospitals, hospital systems, physicians, medical clinics and integrated delivery systems.

The services of AACI (Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.) involve:

  • Workshop and seminars on healthcare related issues
  • Presentations for various healthcare professional organizations, hospitals, clinics and hospital systems
  • We also provide direct consulting for our clients in thirty-four states.
  • Also, ask about our Management and Computer Consulting Services.

Learn more about our services by exploring this site, emailing or calling one of our offices listed below. contains information about our services in areas including our APC Integrity Program(sm), our compliance work, revenue enhancement services, HIPAA workshops and other areas of healthcare related interest.

Additionally, Dr. Abbey is co-founder of the HealthCare Consulting Group, L.C. This is a limited liability company comprised of various consultants around the country.

  • HealthCare Consulting Group, L.C.
    • The HealthCare Consulting Group, L.C., is a virtual corporation that includes a number of independent consultants from around the country that provide various types of healthcare consulting. If a given consultant or firm has a project for which additional expertise or resources are needed, the consultants at HCCG (HealthCare Consulting Group) can be called upon to participate in the given project.

For further information contact us:
    • Telephone – 515-232-6420 or 515-292-8650
    • FAX – 515-232-7496
    • E-Mail –