Updated On December 16, 2007

  • Dr. Abbey’s Workshop/Webinar/Teleconference calendar for the period September, 2007 through June, 2008 can be viewed at: Sept2007June2008EdCalendar
  • Dr. Abbey’s latest books are:

    • Chargemasters: Strategies to Ensure Accurate Reimbursement and Compliance

o    Emergency Department Coding and Billing: A Guide to Reimbursement and Compliance

o    Non-Physician Providers: Guide to Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement

All of these books are available through HCPro.  You can also contact Chris Smith at AACI.  Her e-mail address is Chris@aaciweb.com


·         Dr. Abbey is currently finalizing work on the 2nd edition of his compliance book, “Developing and Coding, Billing & Reimbursement Program”.  This book should be available early in 2008.  This book is being published by Productivity Press a subdivision of Francis & Taylor.

  • For information on APCs, particularly the CY2008 update, go to: AACI's APC Website - www.APCNow.com

    Additional information at the APCNow website includes:
    • Various APC Federal Register entries.  These are available as single PDF files.  A single file makes much simpler searching based on key words. Previous APC Federal Register Entries are also available.
    • APC Payment Comparisons for CY2001-CY2002-CY2003-CY2004-CY2005-CY2006-CY2007-2008
    • New Codes, Deleted Codes, Status="N" Codes and other files for Charge Master Coordinators
    • ED Department APC Impact Assessment - This is for the fictitious Apex Medical Center and continues a similar analysis from last year.
    • See also our Medical Reimbursement Newsletter.  There have been a number of articles relating to APCs during the past several years.

Even a cursory analysis of APCs indicates that this payment system is far from stable! Great care must be taken to study and analyze this payment system. Note also that significant compliance issues are now starting to be pursued by CMS and the OIG for APCs.


  • We continue to develop new consulting services and educational programs to assist hospitals, physicians, clinics and integrated systems to meet the many challenges involved.
  • Chargemaster reviews with particular attention to the coding interface and charge capture interface are available.  Additionally, special studies concerning chargemaster pricing issues are also available.
  • Check out our APC Integrity Programsm by clicking on APC Integrity Program.
  • We are receiving more requests for assistance in the Interventional Radiology and Catheterization Laboratory areas. See our special services in this area at: Interventional Radiology & Catheterization Laboratory Consulting Services.
  • The Emergency Department is one of the most heavily affect hospital department under APCs. See our special consulting services for the ED at: ED Consulting Services for APCs.
  • We are now conducting workshops relative to the new NPIs (National Provider Identifiers) and the various CMS-855 forms.
  • Several Medicare-Severity DRG educational programs have been developed for on-site presentation as well as in the webinar/teleconference format.
  • New educational programs are constantly being developed and current programs are being updated. A basic curriculum of programs is now also being developed. Contact Us for more information 515-232-6420.
  • Otherwise, use our navigational system to browse our site. Enjoy!

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