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Last updated on January 2002.

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Health Care Related Links - WWW

Publication Services

Commerce Clearning House - Regulatory Subscription Service
IHS Health Services - Regulatory Subscription Service

Health Care Law/Auditing/Fraud/Regulatory

OIG Home Page - Home Page For HHS OIG
Health Hippo - The Health Hippo - Extensive - Excellent!
Medicare Carrier Example - An Example Medicare Carrier - East Coast
Code of Federal Register - Code of the Federal Register
Health Care Law Links - Health Care Law Links
National Health Lawyers Association - National Health Lawyers Assocation
GPO Gate - Federal Register - A GOP Gate For The Federal Register
DOJ Home Page - Department of Justice (DOJ) Home Page
HMO Malpractice - HMO Malpractice Site
CHAMPUS Manuals - CHAMPUS Manuals and Information
FedWorld - FedWorld Site - Starting Point For Federal Information
Whistleblower Site - Whistleblower Site - Particularly False Claims
HCFA - HCFA Home Page
Congress - Laws and Bills
Sentencing Commission - Information on Sentencing
Food and Drug Administration - FDA Website
False Claim Act at AHA - Information on False Claim Act
Medicare Bulletins - Information on Medicare

General Health Care

Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page - Emergency Medicine - Primary Care
The Virtual Hospital - University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital
Medical Matrix - Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
Medicine Net - Medicine Resource Page
Health Seek - Health Seek Resources Page
Health World Online - Health World
National Library of Medicine - HyperDoc
The Doctor's Guide - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
TIE - Telemdicine Information Exchange
Modern Healthcare - Modern Healthcare Journal
Mental Health - Mental Health Internet
Eyenet - Ophthalmology
OncoLink - Oncology - University of Pennsylvania
Obstectric Ultrasound - Obstectric Ultrasound Site
Family Practice - Family Practice Online
GASNet - Global Anesthesiology Server Network
Medical Records Institute - Medical Records Institute
Health Administration - Health Administration Resources on the Internet
Medical Illustrators - Medical Illustrators' Home Page
Hospital+Net - Hospital+Net
American Association of Blood Banks - American Association of Blood Banks
Health A to Z - Health A to Z
Healthcare Management Information - Healthcare Management Information
Healthgate - Healthgate- Medline Searches

Health Care Association and Related

AMA - American Medical Association Home Site
ASQC - American Society for Quality Control
ACHE - American College of Health Care Executives
ACPE - American College of Physician Executives
HFMA - Healthcare Financial Management Association
ACHE - American College of Healthcare Executive
AMGA - American Medical Group Association
AMIA - American Medical Informatics