AACI's Newsletter

Healthcare Consulting by Abbey & Abbey

  • This is a special monthly newsletter now in its nineteenth year that addresses:
    • APCs; Coding, Billing and Reimbursement Compliance; Charge Masters; CPT Coding; ICD-9-CM Coding; and Related Topics For Ambulatory Services
  • This newsletter is of interest for medical clinics, hospitals and hospital system personnel who manage or are involved in the coding, billing and reimbursement of ambulatory services.
  • The emphasis of articles from experienced consultants is directed toward:
    • Enhancing Reimbursement &
    • Maintaining Compliance
    • Subscribers can send in coding and reimbursement questions for consideration for publication in the 'Questions from Our Readers' section of the Newsletter.
    • Articles provide information explaining complex topics for coding, billing and reimbursement under various payment systems.
  • Subscription Rates: $105.00 For One Year; $200.00 For Two Years
    • Both the paper format and electronic format will be provided.
    • Makes checks payable to Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.

Send to: Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.
Administrative Services Division
P.O. Box 2330
Ames, IA 50010-2330

Be certain to include your name, name of the clinic, hospital or hospital system, department, address, city, state and zip.

E-Mail questions or send subscription requests to csmith@aaciweb.com.

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